The House of Dulcet (Miss Peppermint), the House of Glass (Crystal) and the House of Harmonie (Barbada) will compete as families in a series of challenges designed to test their artistry and elevate their drag. The mother of the losing house must then choose which member of their own drag family will be eliminated from the competition. On the line is the title of “First Child of Drag” and a grand prize package valued at $50,000.

Mother of the House of Dulcet, Miss Peppermint’s family values include kindness, connection, fierceness, flavor, and winning. She will share with the children of Dulcet a motherload of experience and talent as an actor, singer, songwriter, and activist. Known as the sweet one who is fiercely protective of her chosen family, Peppermint describes her mothering style as “soft, hard and smooth” and her children as “eclectic fireworks and glitter who are ready to attack!”
The House of Glass, like Mother Crystal, is known for looks, stunts and being a little freaky. An icon of London’s drag scene, this self-actualized hairy lady has never had a drag mother but will offer mother-loving to a house full of fashion-forward hidden gems, punks, weirdos and artists who think outside the box. This family will be schooled in visual excellence, high impact stunning looks and kindness underneath a cold, shiny, hard plastic surface. Her mothering style reflects her drag, a mix of “Wicked stepmother, strict task mistress and tough love cut with praise and nurture.”
The House of Harmonie, led by Montreal drag royalty Barbada De Barbades, will be an extravagant chorus of openness, originality and motherly devotion. Barbada will school her children in stage presence, comedy, confidence and care. Known for her flawless hosting skills, prop queen Barbada has an arsenal of instruments on the ready to always stand out and she will demand the same from her children. Barbada says, “The children will make the house and take it further. They will learn from me and I will learn from them. We will work together to take the crown.”