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Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC – 25 October 2021 – The premiere episode of Call Me Mother kicked off with the mothers, Miss Peppermint, Crystal and Barbada de Barbades adopting 3 new drag children into each of their respective houses. With only 9 coveted spots in total, the ten competing children battled for the mother’s attention through a series of rounds titled look, talent, and tea.

During the showcase rounds, the mothers chose their drag children by clacking their fan when they felt a performer was the right fit for their house. If more than one mother clacked their fan, the decision was down to the child to decide.

After a competitive three rounds between the mothers the houses comprise of:

House of Dulcet – Toddy, Felicia Bonée, and Kiki Coe

House of Glass – HercuSleaze, Valerie Hunt, and Rosie

House of Harmonie – Sanjina Dabish Queen, Narcissa Wolfe, and Calypso Cosmic

Without an adoption Ella Lamoureux was the first child to be eliminated from Call Me Mother.

Commenting on her elimination from the competition Ella Lamoureux said, “being on Call Me Mother was a fantastic experience and I’m super proud to be cast on the first Season! But being sent home first really does show that there was nothing the mothers felt they could teach me. Poise and elegance with a trash can mouth wins the race.”

Ella Lamoureux (Kelowna, BC)

A self-taught, two-spirit, trailblazing diva. Ella has spent the last decade building a flourishing drag scene in her hometown of Kelowna. This burlesque beauty has proved her mettle nurturing up-and-coming drag artists, but how will having a drag mother of her own help her see a new way of doing things?

The next episode of Call Me Mother will be available on Monday, November 1st.